Is there a place for horror…now?

It’s a bit strange to ask this, but do you think there’s a place for horror, in the unrelenting horror of the news?
More importantly, did anyone else have an almost visceral reaction to the Amazon Original ‘Songbird’? As in ‘this isn’t real?’ visceral?
I can honestly understand and accept that people are using the pandemic as fodder for stories but… Too soon. At least, I think it is. How about you guys?

Having said that, I’m also listening to the Stand, which kinda makes me a hypocrite I guess.

But…if we escape into horror…

Horror is my escape, and I’m curious how I actually go there when nothing I read is worse than the world around me. And Songbird doesn’t actually feel that far from the truth, if I’m entirely honest. I *could* see that happening, if the world voted a different way, or things get further out of control (disclaimer, have not watched, have only read reviews), and I have to question whether horror is going to either bounce really high after all this settles to a place where we aren’t under lockdown in the UK, and all of the ongoing unrest in the US (which is a mild way to put it, I know).

If horror isn’t an escape though – for me right now at least – I’m wondering whether others are feeling the same way. And if I’m overreacting to the whole Songbird thing, and we’ll be seeing more things like this.

Let me know in the comments – all valid views accepted.

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